Spring 2000

THE L.A. PORN INDUSTRY is boring and out of touch. Full of the tired, denigratory, and hardened attitudes toward the sexes that all those who make the trek to ASIAEROTICA seek to escape. Could somebody please tell me what the hell is sexually stimulating about watching 300 jerks in a room line up to fuck Jasmine St Clair like so many men waiting to releave themselves in a public toilet?

This crap is the image of women that the industry and its sleazy, idiotic, so called producers seeks to promote.
Even more pitiful are the jerks who actually participated in the gang bang.
I despise this crap.
I despise the industry that profits from bringing all of us down to the lowest levels of humanity

On the other hand, in Asia, a different image of women is presented. Real girls, girls that we aspire to, dream of, love and hope to love. Presented to be admired, desired and longed for in ways that the gold chained, loveless, filth craving ASSHOLES of the coast could never imagine ever existed.

I don't want to see sleazy, fuck once and throw away peroxide blond whores. I don't want to see plastic titted monstrosities, sneering at the camera while they effect an artifical sexual heat. Get rid of all that phony sex talk in valley accents, with coke addicted slugs fucking coke addicted sluts in front of fat bearded film crews eating sandwiches whilst the phony hot sex simulation is being played out in front of them.

Despite the millions that are made in this industry, look at the junk they push on us... The Ron Jeremys, the Ed Powers, the fake blonds. Shot in the same old locations with little imagination and even less sexuality.

Many of the Girls are the type of girl that I have chosen here. Girls that I can walk with in public and not feel like I'm on my way to an episode of the Jerry Springer show. A girl that could under other circumstances, be my girlfriend , lover, wife. Thats the difference between what I do and the trash in L.A. does.

I love Asian women, I have a girlfriend, who is not in this business. I have a loving family , and good relationships with all the women that I film and know.

The trash in L.A. belong to a mind set that is void of love and romance, who can never understand the intense hard on you can get for a girl that you REALLY want , REALLY love. Yes I love many women and they love me too. If you like the L.A. junk, leave my site ...... If you aspire to Asian girls and all that they represent, as women and as manifestations of the wonderful civilizations and cultures which they come from, then join me here. I speak for you.

the old crap stanks!