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Sacred Pornography at the Nexus between the goddess and lust

Photo credit: Jean Marc Roche and Various


Today, words confuse, divide, corrupt. We provide for your contemplation... pictures, to clarify, inspire, excite. Pictures straddle between reality and aspiration, they infuse the body/mind with inspiration, fantasy. ASIAN GIRL has been on our minds since puberty. That period of change (13 is the number of change) when body and mind awakens to the fact that they are one, When contradiction, hypocrisy, and other fairy tales, are questioned.

The energy circulates from 2nd to 6th chackras, fuses, and there upon reality is let loose. Society seeks to deny truth for some reason. Perhaps, out of jealousy and fear, it longs to exercise selfish control over what should be set free. Perhaps in fear. Fear of Truth, Wisdom, Justice, Liberty, all words that can not even begin to define Beauty, defined here as womyn. Whether they appear as a statue in our harbor or layouts on these pages, womyn, are...life. Hence, the sentient being's attraction, desire, need - to - know about sexuality. A need to witness, to commune with, these images, to center ones gravity in the culture of existence and possibilities.

POSSIBILITIES that arise when one is able to synchronize with the past, present and future that women ARE, have been and will be.
Madonna may not have known it when she posed for the cover of INTERVIEW magazine, but in her boldness she invokes gestures with thousands of years of history in the Tantric tradition.

So we present the Indian Goddess Shri Lakshmi, and Madonna manifesting an image of womyn of power that continues, albeit under siege, to this day. Undoubtedly, as you enjoy Asiaerotica, that same tradition, those gestures and poses will awaken your sexuality. These poses affect you as well as the models in our magazine and videos. You and they feel this power.
The awe inspiring depiction of feminine sexuality should be recognized for what it is.. on the part of men a desire not to exploit, or denigrate, but to worship, commune with, understand. So as to be reunited with, and inspired by Womyn. Sexual self-stimulation in the presence of these images in itself is not a perversion. It is a natural acknowledgement that we are 1 / 2 of a whole.

The noted art historian and writer of the book, The Once and Future Goddess, Eleanor Gadoon, in a lecture at the Open Center in New York, described a practice by a California Indian tribe wherein a warrior would perform ritual masturbation in front of a cave which symbolized the female God.
"This is no pathological oddity", Ms. Gaddon was quick to point out to the shocked audience, it was a sacred and solemn ritual (from the Sanskrit ritu meaning menses), where in man communes with the Goddess.
It still is. It is unconfirmed, but rumored that a secret Shinto ceremony the Emperor of Japan must undergo in order to become a living God,involves an undefined ritual of sexual communion with his great Goddess Ancestress, AMATERASU.
Consider this photo of an 11th century icon of the Goddess from India displaying her vulva for ritual worship, compare it with our photos, view them both as they are meant to be seen.
Go to the Museum of Natural History in New York, visit the Tibetan exhibit, or the Louvre in Paris, or any museum and visit the exhibits on ancient art. Many Buddhist and ancient images are overtly sexual, for spiritual reasons. There are even images of a Buddha shown standing with an erect penis.
Everywhere in Tibetan and Nepalese art, the Buddha is shown in sexual union with Prajna, ...Truth, or the female counterpart. These beautiful, and intricately carved statues display all the aspects of the Buddha. If you look underneath, you will find that the monk/artisans have reverently carved in detail, the penis of the God inserted into the vagina of his Consort, as they, in the highest state of consciousness, display the ideal balance of body, mind, and soul.

An Enlightened appreciation of lust

Recognizing these facts brings a new understanding to the need in all of us to be sexually stimulated by womyn. The west, suffers under an oppressive Judeo/Christian/Islamic "morality". This tradition often violently seeks to destroy truth, and the weapon is restraint on female sexuality. This type of perversity has paradoxically manifested, "men's" magazines where womyn are cunts and whores, dirty, and somewhat inhuman. This is abominable. We will address this in future articles. Be assured we do not encourage this attempt to bring men and womyn into disharmony. If you agree, write and let us know. Now more than ever, is the time to love and respect, to be positively turned on by ........womyn.